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Class Organisation

Currently there are 322 children on roll at Duke Street Primary School.  The children are divided into 11 classes. Within these classes children are taught individually, in small groups and as a whole class.

In September 2018 the classes are taught as follows: 

Classes Year Group(s) Teacher(s) Responsibilities
Rose Reception Ms Zawistowicz

/Mrs Ridley

History/ Maths /
Kiwi Rec / Y1 Miss Kiernan Phonics
Acer Year 1 Miss Ainsworth Geography
Redwood Year 1 / 2 Mr Reay / Mrs Pizzey SEND
Spruce Year 2 Miss Sharman  
Maple Year 3 Mr McGuinness Science
Cherry Year 3 / 4 Miss Clitheroe / Mrs Buckle PSHE
Rowan Year 4 Mrs Robinson Library
Willow Year 5 Mrs Worth / Mrs Pizzey Computing
Poplar Year 5/6 Miss Partington  
Sycamore Year 6 Mr Stephens Art / DT

As well as the class teacher, depending on the children in the class and the lesson concerned, there may well be many more trained adults to support in class.  These could be nursery nurses, special support assistants, teaching assistants.

Teachers have statutory Planning Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) when the class is taught by other members of staff.

Potential parent helpers are invited to offer their services to the school, subject to DBS clearance