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Severe Weather Precaution Considerations


During severe weather arriving, we will endeavour to keep the school open when it is safe to do so.  A decision on whether the school stays open or closes depends on many factors. School will remain open unless you hear otherwise.  Conditions can change dramatically and within a small location and within a short time span.  There can be treacherous conditions near to the school (or in it, if there is a boiler failure) or there can be problems if staff cannot get to school, through issues where they live.


There are a number of ways in which we will try to keep you informed, regarding school closure. We will try to use the school website, the school Facebook page and the school app, although there is sometimes an issue when an increased number of people are accessing certain means of communication.  Please do not ring the school office as the phone lines quickly get jammed and it is simply not possible to speak to parents individually.


On some occasions, it may be possible to keep the school open but with some changes to the routines, particularly at the start and end of the school day.   If the weather is bad but the  school is still able to open, obviously, suitable footwear (wellies) and clothing are vital to keep children safe.  Extra time may be needed to make the journey. Setting off earlier is one option, but we may extend the morning registration period too, and/or arrange slightly staggered collection times at the end of the day.


If there is heavy snow coverage on the playground, we may restrict access into school, through using only designated cleared pathways or by closing the playground completely from the start of the day. Should this happen, Reception and KS1 children will use the main entrance by the school office and KS2 children will use the entrance under the canopy. We may also use these two entry points for the end of day exit route out of school with parents being asked to collect children from outside the appropriate steps/ramp area.


In snowy/icy conditions, entry for the school breakfast club in the hall at 8.30am,  would be through the front entrance rather than directly into the school hall from the side door, to reduce the dangers of a wet hall floor.


We are only allowed to clear snow and ice from our own premises, so parents will need to be mindful about pavement and road conditions when travelling to and from school.   If the weather conditions change dramatically during a school day, we may need to contact parents, probably via text, to collect their children early.  So please be alert to this request.