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Rotary Shoebox Scheme

This year the school is supporting the Rotary International Shoebox Scheme. The scheme provides gifts for children and families in Eastern Europe, who live in very poor circumstances. The gift of a shoebox that contains toys, toiletries, educational items or household goods is a drop of happiness to the people of Eastern Europe who live in a world of poverty. For many, it will be the first present that they have ever received and it lets them know that somebody, somewhere cares.


If you would like to take part, please follow instructions on the given shoebox and return to school no later than Friday 10th November. If you do not wish to take part, please return the shoebox so it can be reused. A large amount of money from the scheme goes towards providing the shoe boxes, so it is vital that you return empty boxes if you do not wish to take part, so we can return them to the Rotary Club.

Suggested gift list

SBoxPPoint Presentation

We are really hoping we can help as many disadvantaged individuals as possible, so if you can support the scheme by filling a shoebox it would be much appreciated.