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Preview Learning Homework Project.

Today (19th July), the children have had their final transition session ahead of September.  The teachers and children enjoyed sharing and seeing all the ‘All About Me’ boxes that had been brought in.  The children are hopefully feeling more confident, and ready for the next step in their school journey.


We would like to kick start our learning with preview work to be completed over the summer holiday. This will give your child a significant advantage in their learning and will help to shape the direction of our curriculum – a very exciting opportunity!

Preview learning can take any form and means exploring the areas of the topic which interests them. This then forms the foundation of our learning in class and allows the children to make more meaningful links in their understanding.

It would be nice to complete the pre-learning task as a family and we ask that your child brings something in to show us at the start of Autumn term.  From this, we will plan our future lessons based on the interests of the children.

Here are copies of the preview homework

Preview Task homework KS1

Preview learning in preparation for the autumn term Y 3/4

Survival – pre-learning task Y 5/6


Thank you for you support and encouragement with this aspect of your child’s education.  As mentioned earlier, you are helping your child to gain a significant advantage in their learning.