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willowWelcome to Willow Class


Hello and welcome to Willow Class. We are a class of year 5 children and taught by Mrs Worth and Mrs Whitehead. Mrs Flack is our teaching assistant. We currently have Mrs Pizzey who is covering for Mrs Whitehead who is awaiting surgery on her arm.








Willow Class Meet The Teacher

UKS2 Spring term overview 2018

Year 5 6 autumn 2017



We are now following a new scheme for English which is based on the in depth study of a book.  Over 5-6 weeks the children will do lots of discussion, role play and writing based on this book. It will end in the children writing a new version or chapter of the book.  We are currently reading, ‘Journey to Jo’burg’.  We will also look at the story of Beowulf to link with our topic work.

Every English starts with a grammar starter covering the grammar curriculum for year 5 and 6.  This will be tested on regularly.

Grammar revision pack 2017


We would like your children to read at least three times a week at home, more if possible. We have a reward system in place where your child’s diary is stamped along with their reading card, and prizes to be won too. Reading Worm certificates are awarded every week to regular readers. 


Spellings rules are taught throughout the week. These are based on the Common exception word list for year 5 and 6.  New word lists are sent out on Monday and tested on Friday.  You will notice that there is a new column on the wordlists for the definition of the words.  We strongly recommend that the children have access to a dictionary at home to help them with this. 


We follow the year 5 Maths curriculum.  We focus on one objective each week and the aim is that all children have mastered this by the end of the week.  This will be through practise and consolidation activities including using pictures and resources such as place value counters.

Each week the children will complete a times tables test.  It is expected that by the time the children are in year 5, that they all have rapid recall of ALL tables facts up to 12×12.

Examples of tables facts tests used

 2 5 10 inverse      2 5 times      2times        3 times       4 times        5times 

Every week the children complete an Arithmetic test.  In the Autumn Term we start off with half tests.



This term, the children will be learning all about Forces. We will look at the forces which govern our world and use investigations to help develop our understanding. We will look at the role that gravity plays and the effect that push and pull have. We will also look at the way friction stops us in our tracks.



Our topic for Autumn Term will be the Vikings. We will be looking at where they came from and why. We will develop our understanding of the types of people they are and what gave them their fearsome reputations. We will look at warfare and the weapons they used, as well as looking at their day to day lives.


Willow class do Forest School with Mrs Haddon on Wednesday afternoon.  Appropriate clothing is essential every week for this.

Swimming- every Thursday morning, the children will be taken to Chorley Leisure Centre for a swimming lesson.  This will help to build confidence, technique and stamina.  It is expected that all children bring a swimsuit, towel and a swimming cap every week.  The aim is to have all children swimming 25m unaided by February half term 2018.


Maths and English homework plus a weekly spelling list will be sent home on Monday.  This is to be completed and returned by Friday.  Mrs Worth is available to help the children with homework on a Tuesday lunchtime.  We are trying to promote a daily routine with homework.  We encourage the children to do 20-30 minutes of homework each day. This will help to prepare them for high school.  


If you have any worries or concerns then don’t hesitate to speak to us, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see us with Mrs. Nicholls at the front office.